BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches


BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches

Up to 16 Hours of Targeted Pain Relief*

New BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches provide up to 16 hours of targeted relief from back and muscle pain*

  • Deep muscle relaxation
  • Air activated and odorless
  • Ultra thin
  • Heats up quickly

BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches provide up to 16 hours of targeted, powerful relief from back and muscle pain. Each patch heats up quickly to provide deep muscle relaxation to relieve pain and reduce stiffness. Attach over the area of pain for up to 8 hours. The heat deeply penetrates the skin so that you can enjoy an additional 8 hours of relief, even after the patch has been removed. BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches are ultra-thin so they won't interfere with your day-to-day movement and can be worn discreetly under clothing. BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches come in two sizes - wide for lower back and hips, and medium for upper back, shoulders, and neck. 

BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches use therapeutic heat to effectively melt away muscle tension and stiffness. Therapeutic heat is slightly warmer than your skin temperature and provides comfortable yet powerful heat relief without the risk of burns. Try BACKAID Heat Therapy patches and feel the difference that safe, effective heat therapy can make.

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BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches -

*Up to 8 hours of heat plus an additional 8 hours of pain relief once the product is removed. Actual duration depends on usage and storage conditions.

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View Frequently Asked Questions about BACKAID Heat Therapy Patches

View Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Backaid Heat Therapy Patches?

Open the plastic wrapper when ready to use. Peel away paper to reveal adhesive side. Place on area of pain with adhesive side toward the skin. Attach firmly. Do not use for more than eight hours within a 24-hour period. Please note that the product may take up to 30 minutes to heat up.

Can I use the product directly on my skin?

For persons aged 12-54, this product may be applied directly to skin; except with medicated patches, lotions, creams or ointments, on broken or sensitive skin (such as your abdomen), on areas of bruising or swelling that have occurred within 48 hours, on areas you are not capable of applying or removing the heat patch by yourself, on areas of the body where heat cannot be felt, if you are bedridden or prone to skin ulcers or with other forms of heat, including electric heat. Note: this product is not recommended for persons under the age of 12. If you are 55 years of age or older, you should wear the heat patch over a layer of clothing and not directly against your skin, as your risk of burns increases with age.

Does this product contain latex?

No, Backaid Heat Therapy Patches do not contain latex.

How much iron powder does Backaid Heat Therapy Patches contain?

Each medium-sized patch contains approximately 15 grams of iron powder and each wide-sized patch contains approximately 30 grams of iron powder.

What are the product ingredients?

Backaid Heat Therapy Patches contain iron powder, activated charcoal, water, salt, vermiculite, and polymer.

Why are the ingredients not listed on the box?

Backaid Heat Therapy Patches does not have any drug-containing ingredients. As such, the FDA does not require the ingredients to be listed on the packaging.

How hot does this product get?

Backaid Heat Therapy Patches can reach temperatures up to 126.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why does it say on the packaging that diabetics need to ask their doctor before use?

As diabetes can damage nerves and blood vessels, persons with diabetes may have sensitive skin and be more prone to burns.

Why can’t this product be used during sleep?

As Backaid Heat Therapy Patches produce heat, sleeping while using them should be avoided to prevent potential burns.

Where can I purchase Backaid Heat Therapy Patches?

For the most up-to-date retailers that carry this product, please click the "Buy Now" button located on this page.

Are Backaid Heat Therapy Patches reusable?

No, they are one-time use only.

How do I discard Backaid Heat Therapy Patches?

You may discard the product in your household trash.

If the product is still warm when I throw it away is there risk of a fire?

No, Backaid Heat Therapy Patches are safe to discard in normal household trash.

My pet has ingested the product/contents, what do I do?

We recommended contacting a veterinarian immediately.

Are Backaid Heat Therapy Patches safe for airline travel?

They are safe for airline travel; however, you should check with your airline regarding any possible restrictions.

Why do I have to wear the product over clothing if I am 55 years old or older?

Skin becomes thinner and more sensitive as people age. Therefore, risk of burns while using this product is increased for persons 55 years of age and older.

Can I microwave Backaid Heat Therapy Patches?

No, this product is air activated; do not microwave.

I microwaved the product; did it harm my microwave?

We recommend calling your microwave manufacturer regarding any possible damage that may have occurred or precautions that should be taken.

How long should the patch be exposed to air before use?

Backaid Heat Therapy Patches can be used immediately upon removal from the plastic wrapper; however, they may take up to 30 minutes to heat up.

Does this product help provide pain relief after it has been removed?

Backaid Heat Therapy Patches can provide an additional 8 hours of pain relief after the product has been removed.

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